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Understanding the Plan and Progress

The timely exchange of health information between clinicians is critical to providing better care for Canadians.  This is why a Canada-wide initiative is underway to create a network of point-of-care and electronic health record systems that can connect and share a patient's pertinent health information with authorized clinicians, where and when it is needed.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Canada’s digital health plan.

Visit our Progress in Canada page to learn more about the progress of digital health in Canada.

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Knowing is Better for Clinicians

Knowing is Better for Clinicians is an education campaign designed for clinicians by clinicians and was developed to generate broad awareness of the benefits of digital health in clinical practices and the digital health strategic plan for Canada.

Health care professionals need timely access to the most up-to-date information when making a patient care decision. However, lab test results, diagnostic imaging, medication histories, and other pertinent information are often in many different locations and can result in duplication, extra administrative tasks, or relying on a patient's memory — ultimately leading to a delay in treatment or care planning. Digital health records bring together all of a patient's information and enables better decision making.

Who is LEADing the way? Learn more about last year’s LEADing Practice Award recipients:


  • Learn from health care teams across Canada who are demonstrating LEADing Practices in the advanced use of digital health.
  • Learn more about the plan and progress of digital health in Canada.

For more resources, check out the Knowing is Better for Clinicians Toolkit and register as a Clinical Champion to spread the word about the benefits of technology to your peers!














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