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Patient Engagement

Infoway’s goal is to help improve the health and health care of Canadians, so it makes sense to engage with those who receive care to shape our strategies and enhance our services. We do this by listening to the perspectives of patients, their caregivers and their family members, and work with them to identify and address their priorities. We know that digital health empowers patients to play an active role in their health, and we regularly engage with them to increase awareness of, and drive support for, digital health.

The Importance of Being an Engaged Patient


Citizens' Vision for Better Health

To better understand what Canadians want, Infoway held the Better Health Together Workshop in March 2017. Citizen-participants from across Canada came together to learn and share about digital health. Together, they created the Citizens' Vision for Better Health through Digital Solutions.

The vision is to improve the health of Canadians and promote true and meaningful collaboration between patients, families, and their clinicians through universally accessible, integrated digital technologies.

Patients Included

Infoway strives to ensure the patient voice is heard in every conversation about digital health. This includes at the Infoway Partnership Conference, which gathers thought leaders, influencers and digital health experts to discuss opportunities for transforming health care in Canada. Since 2017, the Partnership Conference has attained Patients Included accreditation, which recognizes that the event satisfied the criteria identified in the Patients Included charter. Please visit the Patients Included website for more information.

Patient Community

Infoway relies on its strong community of patients, caregivers, and family members to provide insight into the needs and desires of patients. Members of this community are also the first to be notified of opportunities to get involved, and receive updates about Infoway’s efforts and the progress it is making with digital health solutions. Joining the patient community is easy and requires no commitment. To join, visit the registration page.

Knowing is Better Clinician Education Campaign

Canada Health Infoway’s Knowing is Better Clinician Education Campaign was developed ”for clinicians, by clinicians” to generate broad awareness of the benefits of interconnected electronic health records and other systems in clinical practice, as well as the plan across Canada. The overall education theme is “Knowing is Better than Not Knowing.” The educational resources are intended to be used to meet the educational needs of clinicians and to help them effectively connect with their colleagues.  


Optimizing the Use and Value of Digital Health

Engaging clinicians, patients and other health care leaders to discuss how health and health care can be improved by optimizing the use and value of digital health can yield important insights to support the advancement of digital health in Canada.

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