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National LEADing Practice Initiative

National LEADing Practice Initiative

More clinicians across Canada are using and benefiting from digital health than ever before!  As part of the pan-Canadian Knowing is Better clinician education campaign, in October 2013, the National LEADing Practice Initiative was launched in partnership with Accreditation Canada.  The goal of the Initiative was to identify LEADing practices and accelerate the adoption of similar practices across Canada.

What is LEAD?

A LEADing Practice exemplifies the ability to improve the patient experience, and represents the best practice characteristics for use in clinical practice by Learning from others; Exemplifying benefits; Accelerating adoption; and Delivering results.

What makes a practice LEADing?

Leading practices are noteworthy examples of high quality leadership and service delivery (Accreditation Canada, 2013). In 2017, the LEADing Practice Initiative partnered with the ImagineNation Challenges to focus on consumer digital health technology. The LEADing Practice Challenge recognized clinical practices that use consumer digital health technology to improve the patient experience.

The Challenge was open to any health care team that has implemented one or more consumer health digital technologies. Three teams recieved a LEADing Practice Awards, as determined by a panel of judges using the following criteria to evaluate each entry: 

Learning from others – To what extent has the team followed best practices in their activities, with regard to change management, patient engagement, etc.? How has the team enabled and demonstrated a continuous quality improvement approach? 

Exemplifying benefits – To what extent does the practice exemplify the benefits of consumer digital health by transforming its clinical practice(s) to incorporate consumer digital health? 

Accelerating Adoption – What has the team done to support patient adoption of consumer digital technologies?  How have they incorporated patient feedback into this approach?  

Delivering results to the patient - Has the team made efforts to measure patient satisfaction or experience, related to the use of consumer digital health tools in the practice?  Do these results demonstrate any change in patient satisfaction and/or experience? Has the practice’s efforts to implement and use consumer digital health technology led to an improvement in the patient experience, placing the patient at the centre, and patient empowerment? 

A LEADing Practice exemplifies the ability to improve the patient experience, and represents the best practice characteristics for use in clinical practice 

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