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PrescribeIT 2020 at a Glance

2020 was a year of immense challenge, innovation and resilience. From new partnerships with major vendors like Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart, to supporting the adoption of virtual care, to new educational initiatives, the importance of PrescribeIT’s role as a national e-prescribing service has never been clearer. Join us as we reflect on 2020 and PrescribeIT’s journey.

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Blog Post: Modernizing Prescribing Practices to Improve Patient Care

In our digital world, it’s time to leave behind handwritten prescriptions. e-Prescribing enables prescribers to send a prescription electronically to a patient’s pharmacy of choice, resulting in a safer, more convenient experience for patients and improved medication management.

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Blog Post: Delivering on the Promise of Virtual Care

Read this blog post by Michael Green to learn about our plans for 2021-2022, including how we will collaborate with all stakeholders, including patients, to advance virtual care initiatives.

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Blog Post: Consulting Canadians About the Future of Health Care

The experience of this pandemic has concretely demonstrated benefits associated with virtual care and other digital health tools. Does this mean Canadians are ready to embrace these new digital health technologies and models of care for the long term?

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Digital Health Week

Nov. 29 - Dec. 5

Digital Health Week is an annual recognition of how digital health is transforming the delivery of care across Canada as more and more of our health care system becomes digital. Join us Nov. 29-Dec. 5 2021 as Canadians, health care organizations, clinicians, jurisdictions and industry come together to celebrate this progress and show their support for digital health.

In turbulent times, we have shown we are resilient and innovative. Adoption of digital health tools — from virtual consultations to new apps to access to your personal health information — has accelerated. As a result, people across the country have been able to access the care that they need, and digital health will continue to play an important role in a brighter future.

Stay tuned for information on Digital Health Week 2021.

Some facts about digital health

of Canadians want technology that makes health care as convenient as other aspects of their lives.

of Canadians want technology that puts them in greater control of their health.

Nearly 7 in 10
Canadians who sought medical assistance during the pandemic used virtual care.

in benefits from digital health investments since 2007.

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Making a difference

Digital health can improve the quality of life for Canadians living with chronic conditions, and this is just what it did for Joy. A remote patient monitoring (telehomecare) program enabled her to get her diabetes under control, decrease her medication consumption, lower her blood pressure and start walking without a cane.

Three ways digital health is transforming care

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Access to personal health information
Access to lab results and personal health information helps you better manage your health and wellness.

faster care
Faster, more efficient care
Digital health enables your health care team to access your complete health information, which saves time, reduces duplicate tests, and leads to better patient care decisions.

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Virtual visits
Digital health enables you to connect with your doctor remotely, which improves convenience, and reduces the need to travel and take time off work.

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