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Closer to Care

This year, we’ve had to stay apart. But even as we did so, we were able to stay connected. Virtual care brought us closer. Closer to our care providers. And closer to our information.

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In fact, 40% of all primary care visits are now virtual.

This enables Canadians to get the care they need…while staying safe.

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90% of Canadians
who had a virtual visit were satisfied with the care they received.

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92% said
they avoided exposure to communicable diseases, such as COVID-19.

Canadians want to continue to be able to use virtual care even after the pandemic. Why? Convenience.

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  • 77% said they received more timely access to care
  • 86% said they saved valuable time
  • 81% said they saved money

Virtual visits can mean

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Less need to travel.

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Less time off work.

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Less need to arrange child care.

And virtual care can help those experiencing mental health issues as well.

Canadians say e-mental health services are very important.

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  • 83% are satisfied with the mental health care they received virtually.
  • 76% avoided at least one in-person visit to a doctor and/or emergency room.
  • 72% said it helped them deal with a moment of crisis / distress that would have resulted in physical harm.

Canadians can also access their health information online.

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  • 86% said they feel more informed about their health as a result.
  • 43% said they avoided at least one in-person visit to a doctor and/or emergency room.

We’re proud of the role Canada Health Infoway has played by working with our partners to help accelerate the adoption of virtual care. Our support helped:

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  • More than 85,000 health care providers adopt virtual visit tools.
  • Facilitate more than 4.3 million virtual visits for Canadians.

Would you have a virtual visit with your health care provider?
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