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20 November 2017


Patient empowerment and engagement are becoming increasingly popular topics in healthcare systems, research, and everyday life, including the realm of digital health. A critical shift is underway in this new health paradigm as digitally savvy patients seek opportunities for truly shared decision making and care. The connective nature of healthcare technology provides an ideal way to influence engagement and empowerment, but important questions remain, including: What does patient empowerment really mean to patients? In this presentation, members of a collaborative research team share answers they are discovering from their ongoing work on patient empowerment, engagement, and activation.

Tracie Risling, RN PhD Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan

Tracie Risling RN, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan. Her program of informatics research has two streams, social media and the advancement of professional and patient voice, and the development and implementation of patient-centered technologies. Dr. Risling is exploring the role of technology in advancing patient empowerment and engagement through access to electronic health data. She also works with patients in the design and delivery of software applications to support healthcare transition.

John Tyler Moss Patient Co-Investigator, University of Saskatchewan

John Tyler Moss works at the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Veterinary Medicine, and serves as a patient co-investigator and key knowledge user on a health research team. Mr. Moss was a patient participant in the pilot launch of the eHealth Saskatchewan Citizen Health Information Portal, and was then asked to serve as a Citizen Peer providing ongoing patient expertise for provincial initiatives. Mr. Moss contributes his experience as a patient managing a chronic health concern to his study team and has the opportunity to explore the research process and further develop his own skills in this area.

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