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Moving EHRs Towards a Transactional System: Lessons from New Brunswick, Quebec, and Alberta


21 November 2018


Emerging technologies have helped shift the focus of the health system from reactive to more managed, preventative care. In Quebec, for example, Remote Patient Monitoring solutions now bridge gaps in the health care system between users and clinicians and empower patients to take control of their personal health. In New Brunswick, eConsult has helped, family physicians providing direct access to specialists to avoid unnecessary referrals. Another example of enabling technology is with Prescription Monitoring Program eAlerts and eAgreements which helps manage monitored drugs prescriptions by bringing awareness to clinicians about patients’ receiving monitored drugs from multiple sources. And in Alberta, integrating physician clinics’ EMRs with the provincial Netcare EHR and integration with future AHS Connect Care will breakdown siloed patient data. In this executive breakfast, you will learn more about these use cases that leverage existing infrastructures to provide cost-effective, patient-focused care.

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