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National Physician Survey

  • Measuring Maturity of Use for Electronic Medical Records in British Columbia: The Physician Information Technology Office

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    This article examines British Columbia's Physician Information Technology Office's (PITO) efforts to measure and improve the use of electronic medical records by select practices in BC. The results show that through an assessment of their progress using...

  • Untapped Potential: Advanced EMR Use Offers Benefits to Family Physicians and Their Patients

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    Significant productivity and quality of care gains with advanced EMR use April 2, 2015 (Toronto, ON) – More! More time to gain experience and use of more functionalities — those are key factors helping family physicians reap productivity and quality of...

  • 2014 National Physician Survey


    03 December 2014

    The National Physician Survey (NPS) gathers opinions of physicians, medical residents and students across Canada. It is the largest census survey of its kind and provides insight from current and future doctors on a wide range of health care issues. It...

  • Advanced use of digital health functionalities in Canadian primary care settings: Results from the 2014 National Physician Survey


    31 March 2015

    Infoway released customized analysis from the 2014 National Physician Survey (NPS), which revealed that family physicians who have used an EMR longer and/or who use multiple functionalities are more likely to report practice productivity and quality of...

  • EMR Optimization Resources List 2016


    06 January 2016

    This document provides a list of provincial and Canadian resources available to support community-based primary care clinicians to optimize their EMR use. The resources are available in English only.

  • Explore Links between Physician EMR Use and Care Quality and Productivity

    Thursday, March 26, 2015 The National Physician Survey (NPS) released in December 2014 revealed significant growth in family physician adoption and use of electronic medical records (EMRs), increasing 54 percentage points to 77 per cent between 2006 and...

  • 2017 CMA Workforce Survey

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    The results of the 2017 CMA Workforce Survey examines what it means to be a doctor in Canada, examining everything from working hours, training, job satisfaction and use of technology. The Workforce survey follows the closure of the National Physician...

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