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  • Benefits of Digital Health

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    Digital health helps Canadians access better quality care more efficiently, through solutions and services such as electronic medical records, telehomecare, virtual visits and patient portals. For clinicians, it means more informed decision making...

  • Connected Health Information in Canada: A Benefits Evaluation Study


    04 April 2018

    With investment from Infoway and its partners in electronic health records, clinicians are beginning to have better access to patient information across the health care system continuum. The Infoway pan-Canadian study Connected Health Information in...

  • Myth: Canada Has Spent Billions of Dollars on Digital Health With Nothing to Show For It


    07 April 2017

    Myth : Canada has spent billions of dollars on digital health with nothing to show for it. Fact: Substantial progress has been made in Canada, with the key components of Canadians’ health records now 93.8% digitized and available electronically. Digital...

  • Myth: There Has Been Little to No Progress in Digital Health in Canada


    08 May 2017

    Myth: There has been little to no progress in digital health in Canada. Fact: The key components of Canadians’ health records are now 93.8% digitized and available electronically. 73% of family physicians in Canada were using an electronic medical...

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