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  • EHR Adoption Methodology


    06 June 2019

    Infoway has tracked adoption of the interoperable electronic health record (iEHR) for more than a decade.

  • Greg’s Story: Digital Health and Continuity of Patient Care

    Greg Price was a young man from Alberta who died in 2012 after spending much of the previous year navigating a disconnected health care system. His care providers had good intentions, but there were multiple breaks in communication that caused...

  • Introduction to Object Identifier (OID) and Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)

    This webinar is part of the Infoway standards webinar series. September 11, 2019 | Noon – 1 p.m. ET This beginner level education session will provide an overview of two types of identifiers commonly used in health care data exchange – object identifier...

  • Myth: Canada Has Spent Billions of Dollars on Digital Health With Nothing to Show For It


    07 April 2017

    Myth: Canada has spent billions of dollars on digital health with nothing to show for it. Fact: Infoway estimates that more than $30 billion in benefits have accrued from digital health solutions since 2007. These benefits include avoided expenses, such...

  • Progress in Canada

    Web page
    Canada has made tremendous progress over the past 10-plus years in increasing the availability and use of digital health solutions. Infoway, the provinces and territories, and our other partners have worked together to deploy core systems such as...

  • The Right Data, the Right Decisions: Why Patients Need Access to Their Health Information

    Web page
    Posted on November 8, 2019 by Rashaad Bhyat and Katie Bryski When it comes to health, little things can catch us by surprise. During a recent chat, my colleague Katie related, “I was hiking last summer when I cut myself on dirty metal. Just a random...

  • Myth: There Has Been Little to No Progress in Digital Health in Canada


    08 May 2017

    Myth: There has been little to no progress in digital health in Canada. Fact: 86% of family physicians in Canada were using an electronic medical record (EMR) in 2017, up from 39% in 2009. An estimated 330,000 health care professionals are users of...

Pharmacists are a wealth of health knowledge, and with “Ask Your Pharmacist,” you can access their expertise in the…

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