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  • How to Successfully Select and Implement Electronic Health Records (EHR) in small Ambulatory Practice Settings

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    Adoption of EHRs by U.S. ambulatory practices has been slow despite the perceived benefits of their use. Most evaluations of EHR implementations in the literature apply to large practice settings. While there are similarities relating to EHR...

  • eHealth is worth it - The Economic Benefits of Implemented eHealth Solutions at Ten European Sites

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    The project team economically evaluated ten selected sites using the context adaptive method also developed in the project.

  • Healthcare's Change Management Toolkit- EHR Implementation Success Starts Here

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    This presentation describe the value of Change Management (CM): - Introduce the HIMSS CM Task Force framework and tools that can be easily and meaningfully applied - Demonstrate the usability of the Task Force’s CM toolset to engage and mobilize the...

  • Realising the Benefits - Assessing the implementation agenda for change

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    This paper examines progress in implementation based on interviews with key national informants and on case studies in 10 NHS trusts. The report highlights unrealised potential in achieving positive changes to NHS care and makes a number of...

  • Towards a model of successful electronic health record adoption

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    The Canadian healthcare landscape abounds with pressures to address wait times, chronic disease management, aging at home, information and service integration, health human resource shortages, pandemic planning and most importantly health outcomes of...

  • A summary of recent studies completed that look into the success/failure of IT projects

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    A number of studies have been completed that look into the success / failure rates of projects. These studies indicate that serious problems exist across a broad cross-section of industries.

  • First step towards quality improvement: a simple guide to improving services

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    Before implementing a solution and changing your service, it is essential to understand your current system by mapping the process, collecting and analysing the service data, along with asking patients and staff for their views in order to determine...

  • Benefits Driven Change - A Practical Guide for the NHS

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    This guide shows how a benefits approach to change can be used to deliver sustainable service transformation more quickly. It also helps the care community, including external partnerships, to be more flexible in responding to changing circumstances.

  • Methodology for Measuring Benefits (NHS website)

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    If you are seeking a comprehensive list of the benefits that a project has for patients and the NHS, going through a specific set of questions in conjunction with the flowchart in this tool will achieve this. Using the NHS tools to improve flow and...

  • Benefits Realisation Management - Toolkit for Project Managers

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    The document aims to provide: · An understanding of the basic principles of BRM and how it fits with the CiCS Project Management methodology · An overview of the main tools of BRM - the Benefits Workshop and the Benefits Map · An overview of the...

  • Change management for effective quality improvement: a primer ($) (En)

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    “The authors provide an overview of the steps to design and execute QI projects that require change management. Adoption of change management practices increases the odds of success because focus is placed on the people in the organization who make...

  • Change Management Strategies for an Effective EMR Implementation

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    This book is about Change Management Strategies for an Effective EMR Implementation including building the business case for change.

  • The Business Impact of Change Management: What is the Common Denominator for High Project ROI?

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    If your company is considering a major change project, anything from a software implementation to a merger/acquisition, this article may help you as it focuses on the results of studies (over the last ten years) on organizational change management (OCM)...

  • Change Management Learning Center Tutorials

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    The Learning Center tutorial series is designed to provide consultants, managers and practitioners with insight into the field and practice of change management.

  • Benefits Realisation Guide - A Guide for Benefits Realisation staff

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    This guide is aimed at assisting Benefits Realisation staff carry out the benefits realisation tasks for a project. In creating this guide, we have endeavoured to use simple, clear and concise language, which should be the basis for all Benefits...

  • Benefits realization framework for a complex health system

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    Benefits Realization is a strategy for quality improvement used by the Alberta Health Services Information Technology Department. The approach is currently used within the enterprise-wide, ambulatory care IT initiative "eCLINICIAN." By using Benefits...

  • Benefits and Realisation (NHS website)

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    This is a tool to make sure you achieve the intended benefits originally planned for your project. Having a sound benefits realisation plan will increase the delivery of intended benefits from these projects. This ensures that any resources allocated to...

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