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Your Results for Change Management Sustainability

  • Project Management Skills: Making Change Stick

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    This article outlines the author's top seven picks for making change stick.

  • Tools for Clinics: Four Health Centres Use Chronic Disease Management Systems

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    This articles describes the experience of setting up and using Chronic Disease Management Systems in four California clinics.

  • Sustaining Change: Once Evidence-Based Practices Are Transferred, What Then?

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    This article provides a discussion of the importance of dedicating attention to sustainability of clinical practice changes in healthcare settings as well as strategies that managers and staff can use when introducing new practice improvements in their...

  • Sustainability: Ensuring Continuity in Improvement

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    The Sustainability Model and Guide has been developed to support health care leaders sustain effective improvement initiatives leading to increased quality and patient experience at lower cost. The Model identifies strengths and weaknesses in your...

  • Taking the wheel

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    Change management is a systematic approach to transitioning people, teams and organizations from where they are now to where they need to be to succeed. It includes tools, techniques, processes and theories, most of which are time-tested. Some change...

  • The management of sustainability or organizational change in primary care adoption in electronic medical record systems - Thesis

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  • Report on the Socio-economic Impact on Interoperable Electronic Health Record (EHR) and ePrescribing Systems in Europe and Beyond

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    The EHR IMPACT study was commissioned by DG INFSO and Media, unit ICT for Health, and comprises of nine quantitative and two qualitative independent evaluations of good practice cases of interoperable electronic health record (EHR) and ePrescribing...

  • Making Informed Decisions on Change: Key Points for Health Care Managers and Professionals

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  • Making a Case for Organizational Change in Patient Safety Initiatives

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  • Implementing and Sustaining Transformational Change in Health Care

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  • Supporting Spread: Lessons from the California Improvement Network

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    This white paper chronicles lessons from the California Improvement Network (CIN), whose partner organizations focus on spreading the best ideas in chronic disease care to more California providers.

  • Change is certain. Are you? How to alter your organizations views on change and strategy

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    The article describes why change fails and how PwC's Best-Fit Change Approach resolves the issues around failure.

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