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Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists and Other Clinicians

Providing More Efficient Care

Infoway’s ACCESS Health program is uniting industry, health care providers, provinces, territories and Canadians to redefine where and how Canadians access care.

ACCESS Health will facilitate the national scalability of standardized tools that allow clinicians to share information and communicate with each other and their patients in a modern, efficient manner.

These tools and services will include:

  • Virtual care services. Improve access to care, and the efficiency of your practice with such solutions as secure messaging and e-visits.
Timely access to information enables more informed decision making.

Timely access to information enables more informed decision making.

  • Directory services. Directory services enable you and your patients to better navigate health care resources available in the community (e.g. mental health services).
  • e-Prescribing with PrescribeIT®. Enhance medication safety through Canada’s only national, not-for-profit e-prescribing service.
  • Patient access. Your patients will be able to better manage their care through access to digital services and their personal health information, such as medication lists, and lab and immunization information.
  • An app library. A list of curated apps that you can suggest to your patients to enhance their wellbeing and recovery.

These types of tools and services can enhance the efficiency of your clinic and allow you to focus more time on patient care. They will conform to the standards and a secure trust framework established for the ACCESS Gateway enabling a smoother flow of the critical health information that you need to provide care.

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