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Advanced Use of EMRs

The advanced use of electronic medical records (EMRs) can improve health outcomes and patient safety through preventative care and chronic disease management and is achieved when health care providers move beyond simple data capture and sharing to using more advanced functionality offered by most EMRs. Examples of advanced use of EMRs include:

  • More complete medication profiles
  • Lab results history
  • Prevention care reminders
  • Clinical decision support
  • Hospital discharge summaries

Physicians who actively manage their practice using EMR data and use advanced EMR functions, such as patient population management tools and alerts prompting follow-up for those in need, report improved chronic disease management and prevention, better diabetes management, improved immunization rates and higher cancer screening rates.

Advancing Care

In 2014, Infoway hosted the “Advancing Care: Optimizing the Use and Value of Digital Health” Symposium. Participants brought rich and varied experiences in health care, sharing insights and learnings on leadership, quality, change management, professional practice considerations that are essential to continued effective adoption of technology in clinical practice. Download the Advancing Care: Optimizing the Use and Value of Digital Health summary report to learn more.


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