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e-Mental Health e-Mental Health

Mental health affects one in five people every year. Digital health can improve access to care for some of the most vulnerable populations, including those experiencing mental health issues.

e-Mental Health refers to mental health services and information delivered or enhanced through the Internet and related technologies, such as apps, videoconferencing and text.

Examples of digital health solutions used for mental health services include:

  • Online self-help: Includes self-help modules and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) apps
  • Crisis support: Includes phone help lines, text support, online chat support, hot spot notifications
  • Medical intervention: Includes video-based counselling; telemedicine videoconferences; and text-based counselling, clinical follow up and referral
  • Peer-led support: Includes online monitoring, peer support apps, social media, chat rooms, instant messaging, gaming
  • Coaching: Includes online therapy; video, text and voice chat

e-Mental health Solution Supports Patients

Canadians' Experiences Canadians' Experiences

Canadians say e-mental health services are very important, according to a recent survey, Canadian Digital Health Survey: What Canadians Think.

ic mental health

  • 83% are satisfied with the mental health care they received virtually.
  • 76% avoided at least one in-person visit to a doctor and/or emergency room.
  • 72% said it helped them deal with a moment of crisis / distress that would have resulted in physical harm.

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Canadians say e-mental health services are important. In fact, 72% said it helped them deal with a moment of crisis…

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