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Canadian Stories

Technology is helping to transform health care across the country, and that means people have more tools available to them in managing their own health and communicating with health care providers. To help highlight the progress Canada has already made, we are sharing real stories from Canadians who have firsthand experience with digital health solutions such as e-mental health, remote patient monitoring, patient portals and more.

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Featured Story


Managing Gestational Diabetes Remotely

Meet Heather from Montreal, Quebec, who was part of an Infoway-funded telehomecare project that not only enabled her to take on a more active role in the management of her gestational diabetes, it allowed her to do so remotely, which meant fewer medical appointments.

More Canadian Stories

Remote Patient Monitoring: Keeping Patients at Home

Nancy is enrolled in a Community Paramedicine Program that provides digital health tools in the homes of patients so they can measure their vitals such as blood pressure, weight and oxygen levels. The information is sent to Emergency Medical Services in Middlesex-London, Ontario so paramedics can intervene before minor issues become more problematic.

Digital Access to Health Information Saves Time

Meet Toni, a busy mom from Duncan, British Columbia, who accesses her family’s medical information securely online through the Closing the Circle of Care project, which provides patients with digital access to their health information, while honouring the Cowichan Tribes’ Indigenous teachings and approach to care.

e-Mental Health Solution Supports Patients

Meet Ontario patients John and Jane who share their experience using an e-mental health solution called Big White Wall. The solution provides online support and resources that patients can use 24/7. Big White Wall is an Infoway-sponsored project conducted by the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).

Donna Goodridge’s Story: Better Care for Patients with Chronic Diseases

Donna Goodridge managed a remote patient monitoring program for the Saskatoon Health Region’s LiveWell Chronic Disease Management COPD Program. She says this telehomecare initiative offers tremendous benefits to patients who have chronic diseases.

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