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Fall Partnership Conference a Chance to Collaborate and Innovate on Clinical Interoperability

Posted on November 6, 2014 by Shari Dworkin

“How can we improve patient care through the sharing of digital health information?” Sound familiar? It goes without saying that clinicians need access to information in order to provide quality care. Without it, they are left making decisions without all the information they need. But it’s not that simple.

As we’ve heard from stakeholders across the country, not only do clinicians need access to content, they need access to that content with minimal disruption in their workflow.

How we achieve this is the driving force behind Canada Health Infoway’s Clinical Interoperability Strategy and the focus of this year’s Fall Partnership Conference.

The conference is an annual event that brings together key leaders from across the digital health community. This year’s program features digital health leaders, clinicians, vendors and consumers who will share initiatives designed to shape and accelerate clinical interoperability in Canada.

I hope you can join us and collaborate on the innovative solutions that are needed to accelerate clinical interoperability — ultimately leading to better clinical decision making and patient care.

If you have an idea on how clinicians can gain access to more information, better, and faster, we would love to hear about it! Drop us a line, leave a comment or better still, come to the Partnership Conference!

Registration for 2014 Fall Partnership Conference is still open — I hope to see you at this exciting event.

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sdworkin 100Shari Dworkin

Shari has experience in the eHealth, health information and standards industry. She has a solid track record of leading teams in developing, delivering and sustaining standards to support the implementations of eHealth solutions across Canada. She is currently responsible for the Standards and Collaboration Services portfolios at Canada Health Infoway.

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