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Use Our Lessons Learned to Launch Your Own Innovation Challenge

Posted on November 14, 2016 by  Fraser Ratchford

After five years of ImagineNation Challenges, there has been a lot of learning, connecting, and sharing — all of it in the pursuit of improving health and health care in Canada.

It has been our hope through this blog series, to share the knowledge we’ve gained so that others can leverage the power of innovation challenges to achieve the results they desire. We would not have amassed this knowledge without the participation and contribution of our supporting organizations, judges, and participants, to whom we offer our sincere thanks.

Now that you’ve learned from our successes (and failures), and seen what challenges can achieve, we challenge you to launch your own innovation challenge. What problem do you need solved? What behaviour do you want to encourage? Take the lessons we’ve described in this blog series (and the helpful resources we’ve included below) and build a community of innovators.

All it takes is some imagination.

“Using prizes to spur innovation” McKinsey & Company

“Get Started with Challenge and Prize Competitions” DigitalGov

“Innovation Policy Toolkit” Nesta

“The craft of incentive prize design” Deloitte

The ImagineNation Challenges

This blog series was produced to help celebrate ImagineNation Challenges 5th Anniversary. This is the seventh of seven blogs. To view other blogs in this series, click here.

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fratchford 100Fraser Ratchford

Fraser has a passion for making a difference and focuses on improving the experiences of patients/consumers and clinicians alike. Fraser is the Group Program Director for Consumer Health and Innovation at Canada Health Infoway where he manages a broad portfolio of initiatives.


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