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Driving Access to Care Driving Access to Care

Improving access to care for Canadians, especially those who are most vulnerable and in greatest need, will improve health outcomes for all. However, improving health care access for Canadians requires moving beyond traditional in-person care models to implementing innovative strategies for how we deliver care, including increasing the use of digital health solutions.

Driving Access to Care empowers Canadians and strengthens their care teams. Evidence shows patient-centred care is directly related to improved quality and safety, lower health care costs and the enhanced performance of providers. Infoway is spearheading the replacement of fax- and paper-based systems with interoperable digital health solutions and driving change across Canada’s health care systems. Infoway is providing safer access to medications through PrescribeIT® , Canada’s e-prescribing service. Infoway is also focused on connecting Canadians and their providers with access to virtual care.

Driving Access to Care will empower Canadians and strengthen their care teams.

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