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Benefits Evaluation Framework

Infoway worked with a panel of leading researchers to develop a Benefits Evaluation Framework and Strategy to help understand the effects Canada's investments in digital health technologies are having on individuals and the health care system as a whole. This framework, which has since been applied across Canada and internationally, is applied to our investment projects to evaluate their benefits and to help guide future projects.

The Benefits Evaluation Framework

The framework focuses on the relationship between the implementation of an effective solution, the adoption of that solution and the resulting impacts. While there are other important factors for success, applying a set of evaluation methods against this framework has proven an effective, manageable approach for understanding progress towards objectives, identifying barriers, and communicating successes. The Benefits Evaluation Indicators Technical Report Version 2.0 contains the instructions and resources to support application of the framework.

Infoway recommends that Benefits Evaluation is closely integrated with the Change Management approach for digital health. The complementary Change Management Framework is available to support this integration.


Benefit Evaluation Indicators Technical Report and additional resources

The Benefits Evaluation (BE) Indicators Technical Report Version 2.0 provides BE indicators across a variety of focus areas, measurement tools and other resources. It builds upon Version 1.0, which was published in 2006, with the lessons from evaluations conducted by Infoway and our jurisdictional partners since that time, as well as new chapters for telehealth and electronic medical record (EMR) programs. Download the technical report.

Many examples of evaluations that have been conducted by Infoway, our partners and digital health researchers, as well as other resources can be found in the BE Reports in our Resource Centre. Included in this list is Infoway's System & Use Survey, a tool which has been customized and broadly applied across Infoway projects.



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